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LMS and i'll post a video on your wall

LMS and i will like your best profile picture

LMS and I will post a pick up line on your wall

LMS and I値l tell you what celebrity you池e most like

LMS and I will tell you who you should be in a relationship with

LMS and I値l tell you what I would say if someone asked me what I thought about you

LMS for a picture

LMS and i'll admit somthing

LMS and I will tell you what I dislike about you in a message.

Like this status if you think I知 a good friend. Comment if we have had good memories together. Poke me if you want to hang out soon.

LMS and I値l describe you in 1 word on your wall.

LMS and ill tell you something ive never had the guts to before

Like this and I値l tell you what song you remind me of.

LMS if you think I知 cute. Comment if we have had good memories together. Poke me if you致e ever wanted to date me.

Like my status if you are in love




Lms And I'll
Would I Date You?
[] Yes ✔
[] No ✘
[] Maybe(:
[] You Deserve Better .
[] Idk.

[] ▀ 1O% -.-
[] ▀▀ 2O% ._.
[] ▀▀▀ 30% :(
[] ▀▀▀▀ 4O% :/
[] ▀▀▀▀▀ 5O% . . .
[] ▀▀▀▀▀▀6O% :p
[] ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ 7O% :)
[] ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ 8O% ;)
[] ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ 9O% :) ♥
[] ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ 100% <3333

Best Feature:
[] Lips :*
[] Eyes ;]
[] Hair c:
[] Pesonality
[] Everythingg ♥
[] I Don't Know You Like That.



LMS For Rate:
[] 1-4
[] 5-8
[] 9-10

Like my status & I'll write you a letter!

Dear______,You have a cute ______. You
make me _____. You should be ______. You & Me should ______. I'd
get your name tattooed on my_____. You are so _____. Love, ______.

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LMS: If we walked home I'd...
[] hold your hand
[] push you in a bush
[] hop on your back
[] rape you
[] talk

LMS - You should:
[] text me
[] be mine
[] marry me on facebook
[] make this status so I can like it.

Like My Status for:
{} I ♥ Your lips
{} I ♥ Your body
{} I ♥ Your eyes
{} I ♥ Your smile
{} I love you <3
{} I Miss youu </3
{} I Wanna Fight !
{} I Usee To likee you ♥
{} Your attractive ;D
{} Your beautiful/cute
{} We Should Chill !
{} Text me : )
{} Lettts try again ;)
{} I can see us together ♥_♥
{} You mean something to me ♥
{} Your a Stranger !
{} I Dare Youu to Make This Your Status


We are lost in a corn maze together:
[]work together to figure a way out
[]stand on your shoulders to see over the corn
[]freak out
[]sit around peeling corn while you look for a way out
[]set up camp and wait for som1 to find us
[]tell you stories to scare you
[]ditch you and find my own way out

We're finally out! I:
[]congratulate you on your good work getting us out
[]take the credit
[]hug you
[]leave as quick as possible

[]put this as your status

LMS And i'll do...

Would i go out with you?
[] No thanks
[] In a heart beat
[] Maybe
[] Too good of friends

If you where the last person on Earth i would..
[] Go out with you!
[] Be your best friend
[] Live together

Me + U=
[] Love birds
[] Best friends
[] Enemies
[] FB buddies

From the scale of 1-100% how much do i love u? (Or like)
[] 1-50%
[] 50-70%
[] 70-100%
[] Broke my scale

Where do i know you from?
[] School

[] Work
[] FB =)



LMS and I will tell you yes or no:
‎1. How we met ..
2. Your name in my phone ..
3. Best feature ..
4. Like ..
5. Dislike ..
6. Would I give you my number..
7. To be honest ..

LMS For A Grade
[] senior : Badd
[] junior : Sexxy
[] sophmore : Finee
[] freshman : dateable
[] 8th grade : cute
[] 7th grade : alright
[] 6th grade : decent
[] 5th grade : your okay
[] 4th grade : your not cute, but not ugly
[] 3rd grade : rough:/
[] 2nd grade : no thanks
[] kindergarten : pass
[] Pre. K : please stop! Class dismissed



Like my status and i'll answer - You Are:
[] cute
[] ok
[] fine
[] ugly


LMS - If we went out we would:
[] keep it a secret
[] let everyone know
[] kiss in public
[] i would never go with you

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LMS - I wish we could:
[] hangout
[] stay friends
[] be together
[] nothing



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