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Like this and Iíll tell you what song you remind me of.

If You Think Im Cute - LMS

LMS for a truth is..

LMS and i will rate your personality 1-10

LMS and i will rate your looks on a scale of 1-10

LMS for a Letter :)

[] iíd kiss you. :)
[] iíd hug you.
[] iíd punch you.
[] iíd date you :$
[] iíd text you.
[] i love you♥
[] i hate you.
[] i don't really know you.
[] i miss you!
[] sexy.
[] bestfriend.
[] i have a crush on you..
[] i would never talk to you
[] youíre bad
[] youíre pretty.
[] youíre funny.
[] youíre adorable.
[] youíre beautiful♥
[] youíre cute.
[] you make me smile.
[] youíve made me mad.
[] we need to hangout.
[] we need to talk more.
[] you need to make this your status so I can like it

10 People to Like this and I'll Post!
5 Cool Guys :
5 Pretty Girls :
Bestest Friend Award :
Prettiest Eyes Award :
Best Smile Award :
Funniest Friend Award :
Shortest Friend Award :
Tallest Friend Award :
Cutest Couple Award :
Newest Friend Award :

LMS For An Answer!
Iíd ____ Youu ;
[] Hug
[] Kiss
[] Cuff
[] Slap
[] Date
[] Make Out With
[] Text
[] Cuddle With
[] Chill With

LMS (if you're brave) And I'll Tell You...:

Would i take a bullet for you ?
Would i marry you on FB ?
Would i Kiss you ?
Would i Hug You ?
Do i Like You Default ?
Cute Or Ugly ?
Am i embarrassed two be seen with you in public ?
Do i Love you ?
Cuff , Smash , Pass ?
Should we Chill ?
Have i Ever Liked you?

cuff or pass:
kiss or hug:
friend or stranger:
chill or ditch:
nice or mean:
do i regret meeting you:
best feature:
how we met:

LMS: if you kissed me I would:
()be in shock
()kiss you back
()walk off


First 10 Likes And I'll Answer‎((*LMS*))
How old you look:
Would i txt you:
Are we close :
The name i call you:
Are you worth my time:
Would i talk to you:
Would i hug:
Do i love you:
What are we:
Do i like your profile picture:
Do i trust you:
To be honest:
First Impression:
Have you ever made me laugh or smile:
Have you ever made me mad or sad:
Name in my phone:
Would i marry you on fb:
Would I ever kiss you :

20 Likes And I'll Answer Each -
My relationship status:
My addiction:
My best friend:
Some one I truly trust:
Last person i hugged :
Someone I do the craziest stuff with:
Someone I tell everything to:
One confession:
Someone I miss:
Someone i hate:
Someone i love:
Someone who understands me the most:
Someone i had fun with this summer:
My biggest fear:
Biggest turn off:
3 things I hate:
3 things I love:
Who I will take a bullet for that LMS:
Someone cute who LMS:
Best smile that LMS based on pics:
First person in my contact list;
My last texts from;
Who I tell everything to;
Last food;
Who i trust;
What i love;
What i can't wait for ;
Whose The cutest boy/girl to lms;
Who i wanna chill with that lms;
Best looking girl that lms;
Best looking boy that lms ;

LMS The sex quiz:
Would I Smush you?
Do I think you a Virgin?
Would I do it Drunk or Sober?
Lights On or Off?
Fast or Slow?
Relationship or Fling?
Condom or Skin?
Hickeys or No hickeys?
Minutes or Hours?
Loud or Quiet?
Regret or Remember?


LMS And I'll Pick One For You:

[x]I like your profile picture
[x] I like your eyes

[x] I like your smile

[x] I love you ♥

[x] I miss you

[x] youíre funny

[x] youíre pretty

[x]youíre cute

[x] Text me :)

[x] you mean something to me

[x] stop being a stranger !

[x] we need to hang out

[x] I like your personality

[x] put this as your status so I could like it

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LMS And I'll Answer
1. Do I regret meeting you?
2. Are you important to me?
3. Have you ever made me smile?
4. Have you ever made me mad?
5. Best Feature?
6. Do I like your profile picture?
7. Do I see you in my future?
8. Do I love you?
9. Have I ever crushed on you?
10. You're my?
11. Rate on a scale from 1-10?


LMS and ill tell you:
1.would i go out with you?
2.how close are we 1-10?
3.would i kiss you?
4.have i liked you before?
6.be married on facebook?

Like ;)
1st; Truth is,
2nd; Remember When...
3rd; Like,Dislike, Love
4th; Rate 1-10
5th; You are my ______
6th; Ask me a question on my wall.
7th; Smilie face to discribe you?
8th; I really think you should:
9th; I;ll write you a story
10th; I'll write on your wall;*


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