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It's Christmas!!!! First 10 on your list...

1. Set's the tree on fire: 
2. Eats all the cookies that are left out for Santa:
3. Tells every little kid they see that Santa isn't real: 
4. Unwraps gifts to peek then re-wraps: 
5. Has too much to drink: 
6. Throws up at Christmas dinner: 
7. Still believes in Santa: 
8. Set a trap for Santa's reindeer: 
9. Starts a family argument at dinner: 
10. Spikes the eggnog:


Guess the Song
Post lyrics from a song with the caption "guess this song"

Guess the Movie
Post a Line or a screenshot from a movie with the caption "guess this movie"

Guess the TV show
Post a line or a screenshot from a TV show with the caption "guess this Movie"

Bank Robbery!!! -Status Game-
Go to your profile, use first 9 friends..DO NOT CHEAT!!!

1-Get away driver:
2-The mastermind:
3-Gets killed by security officer:
4-Kills the security officer:
5-Forgets the video surveillance tapes:
6-Yells out everyone’s name:
7-Steals a 100,000 in nickels:
8-Agrees to kill 5 & 6 for their share:
9-Checks facebook the whole time:

ALIENS ATTACK!!! -Status Game- use first 10 people on friends list!!!! don’t cheat
1- Yells "the sky is falling"-
2- Ditches n drives away-
3- joins the army to help-
4- first one to die!!-
5- gets caught by aliens-
6- shoots alien leader-
7- stays calm n watches tv whole time-
8- freaks out n commits suicide-
9- is high n laughs about everything-
10- the only survivor-

Shipwreck!!!! -Status Game- Use the first 8 friends on your friends list.
1st builds a fire
2nd builds a shelter
3rd cries for their mommy
4th looks for food
5th gets eaten by a shark
6th rebuilds the ships and leaves everyone
7th moves to the other side of the island
8th becomes king/queen of the half island

Like For A Drink -Status Game-
[] Monster : Your sexy
[] Arizona : Your cute
[] Coke : Your pretty
[] Pepsi : Your funny
[] Apple juice- Ugly
[] Sprite : I like you
[] Diet Sprite : I used to like you.
[] Mountain Dew : You should inbox me
[] Minute Maid : Your a-m-a-z-I-n-g
[]Ginger Ale : STRANGER !
[] Fanta : We should talk more
[] Red Bull : I Love you
[] Slushie : We should chill
[] Water : Ehh
[]Powerade : Make this your status so I can like

I Can See Us -Status Game- LMS (like my status)
[] Pimpin dem hoes. lol
[] Living Together
[] Being Close
[] Not Talking
[] Married

[] Dating
[] Fighting
[] Chilling
[] Working as strippers together
[] Partying.

In 10 Years You Will Be A: -Status Game- LMS
[] Pregnant with your 8th Child
[] A Famous Person
[] Model
[] Crackhead
[] A Stoner
[] A Bum
[] Drug Dealer
[] Mature
[] Same As Now
[] Athlete
[] Party, every night
[] Divorced
[] Crazy Cat lady

You’re in a jail. -Status Game- Use the first 10 people on your friends list.
1. Turned you in:
2. Framed You:
3. Is your accomplice:
4. Judge:
5. Lawyer:
6. Prosecutor:
7. Got killed:
8. Helps you escape:
9. Witness:
10.Tasered you:


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